Size 7 – Square

The smallest in our range, this square umbrella is ideal for use on small balconies and for cafes with limited footpath space.


Size 9 – Octagonal

Ideal for use either in or beside a dining height table, this umbrella will easily clear wine glasses on top of the table when opening or closing.


Size 10 – Square

The largest square shape umbrella is ideal for unrestricted spaces. Several of these umbrellas can be used together to create a long area of shade.


Size 12- Octagonal

Our most versatile umbrella used either in or directly next to a table and clears dining table height when opening or closing.


Size 14 – Octagonal

The largest octagonal umbrella in our range is best used in large unrestricted spaces with only banana lounge height furniture.


Available Colours

Please note that actual fabric colours may differ slightly. Ask us for a canvas swatch for exact colours. All colours are marine-grade colourfast.

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