Umbrella Accessories

Made in the Shade offers a wide range of accessories to enhance the life of your umbrella. We supply various stand options for changing life conditions for you and your umbrella. Storage bags are available for those long winter months, sand bags for those windy days and shade drops for the long, lazy sunny afternoons.

Storage Bag

Black storage bags to cover over the umbrellas when not in use (made of vinyl-coated strong tarpaulin cloth and available in two sizes)  These storage bags are suitable to use outdoors all year round, protecting your umbrella against weather when not in use, thereby prolonging the life of the canvas.

Sand Bags

Made from the same tough tarpaulin cloth as the storage bags, the black sandbags, when filled, weigh 15kgs each and can be used to add extra weight to the metal stands.  Due to freight costs, these are supplied empty.

Shade Drop

This detachable 900mm curtain hangs from the umbrella so that in the late afternoon when the sun is below the level of the umbrella, it will provide an extra hour (or so) of additional shade. Available for sizes 7, 9, 12, & 14.

Metal Stand

Free-standing,  zinc-dipped and powder coated white, these stands can be used on most surfaces. At 25kg, these stands create a stable base for the umbrella to sit in, yet they can be moved at will. Also available with castors for easy maneuverability.

Umbrella Lock Device

An aluminium device with a keyhole lid, coupled with a sleeve which is bolted to the end of  the umbrella pole.  The bottom setion is concreted into the ground. When the two are fitted together, the Umbrella Lock holds the umbrella firmly in position until it is deliberately released for removal.

In-ground Sleeve

A versatile in-ground sleeve which is either concreted into the ground in or bolted under a deck. The longer top section will hold the umbrella pole.

Pulley system

These quality Australian made Ronstan stainless steel ball-bearing racing yacht pulleys come standard with all our umbrellas expect the size 7.  State of the art, these pulley systems halve the load when opening or closing the umbrella.