Maintenance Tool

This T-Tool has been specifically made by our Operations Manager to assist those DIY people wishing to replace broken umbrella arms at home. It is used to tighten the wire holding the arms to the boss.


Shade Drop

The shade drop is an 800mm detachable “skirt” that hangs down from the edge of the size 7, 9, 12, or 14 umbrella (not available for size 10). Especially useful where an umbrella is placed on a balcony or other high place where the sun dips below the level of the umbrella and the shade moves into the next door neighbours property. This drop will give an extra hour or two of shade, and is easily removed when no longer needed. Two or more shade drops can be used at the same time to increase the area of shade.

Sand Bag

Used to add extra weight to the metal stand, each bag will hold 15kgs of sand. The bag has a carry handle on each end, making it easy to lift, carry, or tie ropes to.  These are generally supplied empty, ready to fill with sand on site (to save on freight costs) or we can supply them filled if required.

Storage Cover

Made of black plastic coated tarpaulin cloth, the storage bag has a full length zipper with a hard wire along it to make putting on and taking off very simple. The durable weather-proof storage cover will protect the canvas from both UV and rain, meaning you can store your umbrella where it usually stands.

Pulley System

All our umbrellas (excluded size 7) are fitted with an Australian made Ronstan, stainless steel, ball bearing racing yacht pulley system to make raising and lowering of the umbrella easier. Included with the system is a matching pulley pouch to keep the rope neat and tidy while the umbrella is in use.